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Molly Nails Glamour Women Red Carpet Gel Polish Hema/Di-Hema Free 8g No. 8


Molly Nails introduces a pioneering nail product line, distinguished by its Hema Free formula, ensuring compatibility with sensitive nails.


With a volume of 8 grams per item, these products are designed to facilitate multiple styling applications.


Featuring an ideally creamy texture, enhanced pigmentation, and a revolutionary formula, this gel polish promises ease of application and full coverage from just a single layer. It quickly cures under a 48W UV/LED lamp within 30 seconds.


The precision brush is meticulously tailored to the product's consistency.


8. The quintessential red shade designed to captivate attention. It's a timeless and popular colour that stimulates the senses, offering a touch of luxury akin to a red carpet star.


This collection boasts 9 feminine, sensual, and inspirational shades adored by all women. The delicate, creamy colours are specially curated for those who cherish pastels and embody femininity. The profound red shades cater to assertive women who delight in seduction.


Directions for use:


- Start by preparing the nail plate, buffing to remove any cuticles or dead skin.

- Degrease the nail using a cleaner/isopropyl alcohol, followed by applying a thin hybrid base coat layer.

- Apply one or two thin colour layers, curing each for 30 seconds under a 48W UV/LED lamp. For colours containing particles, a thorough mix is recommended before application.

- Conclude with your choice of top coat, either with or without cleansing, over the cured colour.




- Intended for professional use only.

- Keep out of children's reach.

- May cause an allergic reaction.

- Please read the instructions carefully.

08 Glamour Women Red Carpet Gel Polish Hema/Di-Hema Free 8g

SKU: 5903990540905
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