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Acrylic nail powder MollyLac


The acrylic method is one of the oldest and most reliable methods of building up and extending nails. You can work with it both on tips and templates. It is also one of the most durable styling methods recommended to all people who have bad experiences with gel or hybrid manicure due to product lifting. Acrylic will therefore be a great solution for people, e.g. with hormonal changes, such as hypothyroidism and / or Hashimoto's.


MollyLac acrylic powders are perfectly fine, resembling a loose face powder in texture. In addition, they are resistant to crystallization, do not turn yellow when exposed to sunlight, and their additional advantage is the ease of processing.



Features of the products for the acrylic method from MollyLac:


Perfect fineness and plasticity of the material.

Above-average durability without air pockets.

Resistance to mechanical damage.

Formula preventing yellowing.

User-friendliness in processing and sawing.

Note: The product is dedicated to professional use.

Acrylic Nail Powder MollyLac

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