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The Antidepressant collection is a range designed for rainy, dark, late autumn ... as a "remedy for bad weather". The collection is full of expressive shades, such as burgundy, purple, romantic dark pinks and colors that perfectly break the dominance of saturated colors - green, mustard yellow and energetic orange. It perfectly combines extremes and contradictions, but remains a range associated with one season, during which a warm blanket, hot cocoa, a good book or series and well-groomed hands give a lot of joy!




The shade 490 Verte is dark green with warm tones. It will be perfect for painting floral motifs - leaves, flower stalks, and as an independent color, thanks to its distinctive color and character that draws attention.


The shade 491 Tangerie is a juicy tangerine color with a drop of neon. It looks great solo or in combination, for example, ombre with shades of green and yellow. Its excellent coverage allows you to shorten the working time, and the color reflects joy and summer. It will look perfect with tanned skin or on ladies with a darker complexion.


492 Magnetique is a magnetizing shade of muted purple with dark pink - a perfect mix that has a lot of romance, feminine perversity and delicacy. Color undefined, not fully defined, with 100% eye-catching power. It will be hypnotizing, adding elegance and sex appeal to your hands.


493 Moon Dance is the color of the dark purple night. The color is impenetrable, captivating and exceptionally deep - endless in its face. If you are looking for a color of mysticism, zen and tranquility - Moon Dance will become the best companion of autumn and winter evenings under the blanket with a cup of hot coffee or cocoa.


494 South Bay is the color of joy and sunshine. It stands out like a luxury resort in Palm Beach - with wealth and splendor. It will be perfect for painting autumn leaves or for styling the full summer, thanks to its exuberant, optimistic shade. As the only color from the Antidepressant collection, it should be cured longer - about 60 seconds.


495 Miss Kiss is an evening, saturated shade of burgundy with a drop of purple-fuchsia breath. It is perfect for styling the fall period or as an element of styling for another season of the year, where it will not dominate. Miss Kiss is the color of kisses at night and inexhaustible layers of fantasy.


496 Scarlet is the color of wine red that warms the atmosphere to red. It is an original shade, extremely sensual, which is a remarkable combination of scarlet red with a hint of cherry. It will be perfect for fall and will perfectly complement the evening chic.


497 Charming is a charming shade that was created from the collision of dark fuchsia, violet and ripe cherry. Indefinite color, which with some resembles dirty dark pink, in others a mystical purple with a drop of dark pink. Romantic, undefined… just poetry among the shades of fall.


498 Olivie is a classic olive khaki color. A bit military, perfectly balanced and perfectly matching autumn stylizations. Olivie looks perfect surrounded by vivid green and sunny yellow, harmonizing and calming the styling.




Choose the exceptional quality of MollyLac hybrid varnishes:


1 layer coverage

perfect consistency

perfect pigmentation

durability up to 4 weeks

soluble in acetone-based liquids (soak off system)

Directions for use:


1. Prepare the nail plate (remove the cuticles and membranes, e.g. with a milling machine, matt the plate with a file or polisher of the selected gradation)


2. Degrease the plate, apply a thin layer of the base dedicated to this collection and harden


3. Apply a layer of the selected color and harden in the LED lamp (the operation can be repeated. Ultra-thin layers should be applied due to high pigmentation)


4. In order to add shine, cover with a topcoat dedicated specifically to this collection - once again harden in the lamp, remember to also protect the free edge! Shake well before use.


Curing time: 48W LED and UV / LED lamp - 30 sec.

Antidepressant MollyLac 5ml

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