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Brush brush for decorating with natural bristles black with cubic crystals MollyLac Art Pro Brush 13 mm No. 4


Extremely precise, metal brush for decorations made of the highest quality natural bristles. Perfect for watercolor decorations, blurring and shading of shapes and for shaping gel and acrylic mass in 3D spatial stylizations.


Thanks to the use of bristles from the first position, the brush is of exceptional quality, thanks to which it will serve for years, without visible signs of use. You just need to remember about its proper protection and care, including avoiding contact with the cleaner.


Care of natural bristle brushes:


To maintain the excellent quality of the bristles and their perfect shape, after using the brush, clean it with a few drops of a hybrid topcoat poured on the pad, and then wipe it with a dust-free swab. To maintain the perfect shape of the bristles, store them in a case, a bristle cap or any other convenient way to prevent deformation of the bristles.


Advantages of the MollyLac Art Pro Brush:


  • metal housing resistant to liquid nail preparations and mechanical damage,
  • natural bristles from the first row that will serve for many years,
  • possibility of using in many different ways: forming 3D decorations, watercolor decorations, blurring and shading of shapes,
  • great weight, not tiring the hand,
  • perfectly shaped and comfortable handle,
  • protective case and cover protecting the bristles against deformation.


Bristle Size:


length 13 mm

diameter: 4 mm

Art PRO Brush 13 mm no 4- natural hair brush black with crystals MollyLa

SKU: 5903775353744
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