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Ballerina tips clear transparent 240 pcs. model PH-25


Tips PH-25 transparent/clear is a product made of high-quality plastic in the shape of a cut oval. Prepared in a way that will certainly facilitate and shorten your working time. Profiled in such a way as to reflect the shape of a natural nail as much as possible.


The set includes 12 different sizes, so you can easily match the right one to the type and size of your nails! A product that you can apply to your nails using glue for tips or one of our bases, e.g. Rubber Fiber Base, Recovery Fiber Base, Rubber Base. It is enough to apply glue on a natural nail, or apply tips on a polish from the base.


In the box you will find as many as 240 pieces of thin tips.




Match the appropriate sizes of tips to the natural nail plate.

Carefully prepare the natural nail plate - it should be matted, cleaned and degreased.

Apply a thin layer of glue, spreading it evenly or using a base spread over the entire surface of the natural nail.

Apply an artificial nail and press lightly for approx. 10-20 seconds using glue / using a base after applying the tips, cure in the lamp for 30 seconds (min. 48W).

After sticking/curing the nails, lightly file their edges.

Decorate as desired.


To remove artificial nails, use acetone remover and then gently remove them. Artificial nails should be changed every 10-12 days.

Ballerina tips clear transparent 240 pcs. model PH-25

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