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12 in 1 innovation Molly Lac product.

Can be used as gel, base coat, color and top coat.


In addition, it allows you to build up the nail plate and extend it - up to 1 cm. The product can be a support for a broken or brittle nail 


This is NEW. You can create a permanent hybrid manicure at an express time.


Why should you choose 12 in 1 MollyLac?

  • Primer
  • Extension
  • Superstructure
  • Base Coat
  • Color - gives a delicate, natural color
  • Mechanical resistance
  • Thermal resistance
  • Strengthening - physically strengthens the nail, creating a hard coating
  • Top coat - no top required
  • Hydrolyzed keratin
  • Amino acids
  • Minerals



DURABILITY: up to 21 days

    Base 12 in 1 - Molly Lac

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