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Lower  dual tunnel forms XXL length for building nails square SJ-55 120 pieces


If you dreamed of speeding up the work and that all nails made in the set were perfectly equal in length - the lower forms will be a great choice for you.


What can you use them for? To build with:


acrylic gel,

thick jelly-type building gels,

thick gels with thixotropy.

So, if classic stencils cause you problems - nail extensions have never been so easier and faster than in the case of working with forms appropriately matched to the technique. It is a solid foundation for any styling, a guarantee of its perfect appearance and ... economy, because thanks to the excellent quality of the material, you can use them many times.


Remember that by choosing XXL forms, you can also use them to build master and show nails. If you don't care about such a spectacular effect - all you have to do is spread the mass to the lower scale, closer to the free edge.




Prepare the nail plate. Mattify it, deprive it of natural moisture thanks to Nail Prep and rub the X-Bond hybrid base with increased adhesion into the gel with a brush.

Match the size of the molds to each nail.

Press the form under the natural nail, and apply the building product on it and on the nail plate.

Cure the mass or - in the case of acrylic application - wait until it solidifies.

Pull off the form with gentle rocking movements.

Apply gel polish or top coat.

Lower dual tunnel forms XXL length for building nails square SJ-55 120 pieces

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