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Brush for decorating Glam Line No Name white rhinestones No. 1


Precise brush for decorations, precise application of hybrid varnish with a bristle length of 7 mm. Thanks to it, you can easily create intricate paintings, demanding compositions or interesting ornaments. It was made of high-quality, very elastic synthetic bristles that do not spread to the sides during application. Its perfectly cut bristles ensure comfortable work, regardless of the product used. You will also use it successfully when applying the product to the cuticles and to the side shafts.


Flexible bristles work perfectly with the applied product, which will ensure its perfect distribution.


Dedicated to decorations with ultra-thin lines and edges, to work with hybrid varnishes and denser products, such as gels for decorations, e.g. Artistic Gel. This is our hit in the most precise decorations, such as almost invisible lines and intricately painted letters with precise ovals and a thin line. This is one of the nail art brushes most sought after by stylists and the rarest on the market for the Polish market.


Specially profiled aluminum handle decorated with thousands of cubic zirconia ensures not only comfort of work but also added value, which are aesthetic values.


Bristles: nylon, very good quality


Bristle length: 7 mm


The unique handle design unparalleled anywhere else will give you a fantastic visual experience. Twinkling rhinestones will attract attention.


The brush has a handy aluminum cap, thanks to which you will protect your brush against damage and deformation. Proper hygiene and storage conditions play a key role in the prevention of bristle care as the best way to preserve the long life of your brush. Remember to clean the bristles in a top coat or hybrid base each time after finishing work, and then thoroughly wipe the excess remaining on the brush with a dust-free swab. Never give up earplugs!

Brush for decorating Glam Line No Name white rhinestones No. 1

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