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Brush for ombre Glam Line No Name black rhinestones


A unique, designer brush for gradient ornaments with a beautiful appearance and extraordinary use, made of the highest quality synthetic bristles. Thanks to it, you can create precise ombre with both hybrid varnishes and gels for decorations from the Artistic series. Even distribution of the product is guaranteed here by ultra-thin arrangement of bristles of various lengths. Indispensable especially in horizontal ombre, when you need to mix at least two colors with each other, but also with vertical and diagonal decorations! Only your imagination is the limit!


Thanks to the bristles of two lengths, it perfectly combines the colors of colored hybrids or gels, blurring the hard boundaries of colors, creating absolutely perfect color transitions. A perfectly profiled, aluminum handle decorated with thousands of cubic zirconia ensures not only comfort of work but also added value, which is aesthetic value.


Create the perfect ombre and impress with intricate stylizations with your assistant for special tasks! With this brush, no ombre will be terrible anymore.

The gradient used in nail styling has been invariably reigning in the hands of customers of nail styling salons for many seasons!

The unique handle design unparalleled anywhere else will give you a fantastic visual experience. Twinkling rhinestones will attract attention.

Bristles: nylon, very good quality


Bristle length:


row 1: 6 mm

row 2: 13 mm

The brush has a handy aluminum cap, thanks to which you will protect your brush against damage and deformation. Proper hygiene and storage conditions play a key role in the prevention of bristle care as the best way to preserve the long life of your brush. Remember to clean the bristles in a top coat or hybrid base each time after finishing work, and then thoroughly wipe the excess remaining on the brush with a dust-free swab. Never give up earplugs!

Brush for ombre Glam Line No Name black rhinestones

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