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Artistic Gel Nude Colors


If you are a fan of timeless classics, elegance and flawless minimalism - this collection is just for you. Unique, and at the same time universal, delicate and airy roses and milky beige are a recipe for timeless decorations in an original style. The most beautiful shades - they ask you to use them for a babyboomer or unusual French manicure!

Artistic Gel MollyLac ART is a collection of beautifully pigmented gels designed for nail art decorations.


Fall in love with unique gels and enjoy beautiful decorations on your nails.


Why do you have to have them?


Unique, creamy texture of acrylic paint.

Paint gels blend perfectly with each other, creating perfect color transitions in your favorite colors!

You can get more by mixing colors from all over the world!

The best choice for ornaments - they do not spill and allow you to create the most intricate, durable nail art designs.

They do not have a dispersion layer after hardening, so they can be used interchangeably on top of the styling or as an element of it.

Very strong color saturation - full coverage with the first layer of the product.

Ideal for shading, creating multi-dimensional flowers, etc.

Extremely efficient! Even the minimum amount will allow you to create surprising decorations.

The pigment does not settle on the bottom and does not shrink in the lamp.

Ombre, gradient and babyboomer have never been so easy! Fall in love with a beautiful manicure that all your friends will envy you.

Why Artistic Gel MollyLac ART?


Perfect thick consistency

Strong color saturation

100% coverage in one layer

Easy application and creation of artistic patterns

Standalone product

Light-cured LED / UV

Brilliant for creating a babyboomer

Perfect for Nail art (convex 3D)

There is no dispersion layer - there is no need to apply a top coat

Perfect for cooperation with gel, acrylic and MollyLac hybrid varnishes

25. The most beautiful of the cool shades of pink. The perfect color - suited to every occasion and suitable for each of us! 26. Candy pink in a sweet shade. Great for all kinds of nail art, flowers, ornaments and fancy babyboomers. 27. Beige shade of nude in its pure form. The caramel note adds spice here, without overshadowing its natural color. 28. Tanned shade of beige with a hint of gray in the background. Extremely majestic and feminine. 29. The peach shade of pink is the color most often chosen by romantics and dreamers in the clouds. If you also like such colors - you must have it in your collection! 30. The sweet color of rose chocolate! Unusual and unique - these two words perfectly describe this color. 31. A dove shade of beige with a hint of gray in the background. Thanks to its charm and elegance, it will perfectly complement any look. 32. A note of dirty pink perfectly composed with a milky beige. If you like to wear extremely elegant and classic, this shade will surely seduce you. 33. A cool shade of deep, dirty purple in muted tones. This solution is chosen by extremely elegant and self-confident women! 34. A beautiful shade of pink that offers countless possibilities when creating nail art and babyboomer. The warm shade harmonizes perfectly with tanned skin and Mediterranean beauty. 35. A peach shade of muted beige is an excellent choice for a spring-summer look. Thanks to its airiness and versatility, it will complete any stylization

Artistic Gel - Pure Linen (27) - Molly Lac

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