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Crushed Diamonds 5 ml 


Complete your look with a precious diamond glow or simply ... Go for it!


A unique, limited collection of polish gel filled with shine to the limit. Crushed diamonds in your favorite color… Yes it is possible! Iridescent particles create a symphony of light reflections with every movement of your hand. Fill your manicure with a unique and extraordinary color with wonderful holographic particles.


Why you must have this collection?


Specially developed, luxurious formula with medium-thick consistency.

Pleasant application without spatter - a manicure for a few weeks!

Full coverage with just two thin layers while maintaining the highest possible gloss.

Natural effect without the effect of "thickened nails".

The most beautiful, specially selected colors that our clients most often choose.

They do not leave streaks.

The real color on the cap, a perfectly matched brush and designer packaging.

The rich effect of multidimensional, iridescent particles in a holographic edition!


What distinguishes MollyLac varnishes?


  • a unique range of shades arranged in wonderful collections with excellent coverage for up to two thin layers,
  • perfect, medium-thick consistency,
  • durability and easy removal with a file, nail drill or acetone-based fluids.


Directions for use:


We prepare the nail plate, matt it and remove the epithelium and cuticles.

Degrease the nail with a cleaner, then apply a thin layer of the hybrid base.

We apply one or two thin layers of color, curing each for 30 seconds in a 48W LED lamp. Note, in the case of colors with particles, we recommend that you mix the product well before application.

We put the selected top on the color with or without washing.

Crushed Diamonds MollyLac 5ml

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