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Cuticle nippers Bionessa professional B.21.4


Bionessa B.21.4 cutters are characterized by a smaller size, thanks to which they fit perfectly in each hand. The polished finish makes the pliers look stylish and professional. The handles are susceptible to the slightest pressure, not letting the hands get tired while working. Every movement is smooth and pleasant. Each cut is smooth and precise thanks to the manual processing of the cutting edges. The perfectly profiled blades have been designed in such a way as to ensure full visibility of every movement. The shape of the blades allows for the preparation of cuticles right next to the nail fold, without exposing the skin to damage and tearing.


Professional cuticle nippers.


blade length 4 mm (+/- 0.5 mm),

cutter length 97 mm (+/- 1 mm),

manually sharpened cutting edges,

double spring,

polished finish,

made of surgical steel,

do not dull and do not rust,

product intended for disinfection and sterilization in an autoclave.

Proper use and storage of Bionessa tools:


Use tools only for the purposes for which they are intended

Always store tools with the blades pointing upwards

avoid dropping or hitting the tools to prevent damaging the cutting edges

Store tools in a dry place and in a dedicated packaging. The air in the room should be dry and the tools should not be stored in foil wraps. This restricts the access of air and can generate water vapor condensation, which is very harmful to steel.

tools should be handled very carefully. Some mechanical damage is invisible to the naked eye. Blades, tips and mechanisms require special care.

Proper maintenance of Bionessa tools:


Remember that the correct cleaning, disinfection and sterilization process should be carried out each time the tools are used.


Cleaning: Clean tools thoroughly from any dust, tissue, nails or hair residues with a brush. Then rinse instruments with distilled water *.


* Use distilled water for cleaning to avoid discoloration and rusting of tools. Tap water contains minerals that can deposit on instruments and adversely affect the sterilization effect.


Disinfection: The disinfection process can be carried out in a vessel filled with a disinfectant preparation or solution, or in an ultrasonic cleaner with the use of agents designed for this purpose. Remember that the tools are completely immersed in the solution. After disinfection is finished, remove the tools and let them dry completely *.


* Cleaning / disinfecting solutions should be prepared according to the instructions on the preparation leaflet. We especially recommend that the concentration of the solution be respected - this has both hygienic and economic consequences. Too high a concentration may damage the tools, while too low a concentration will not disinfect selected microorganisms.


Sterilization: The sterilization process of the instruments takes place in an autoclave. The recommended method of sterilization is overpressure steam sterilization at 134 ° Celsius (should not exceed 200 °). The sterilization process should be carried out in accordance with the instructions indicated on the device to be sterilized. Remember to open all instruments so that each element of the instrument is sterilized. Before sterilization, lubricate the moving mechanisms of the tools with a special preparation. For steam sterilization, we recommend the use of a water-soluble lubricant.

Cuticle nippers Bionessa professional B.21.4

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