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Dirty Pink-Laskovska-Builder gel for nails Porcelain Sparkle Gel MollyLac


Strong gel for superstructure, extension or supplementing the styling with the gel method. It is characterized by hardness, durability and versatility. The particles contained in the gel give it an unearthly glow and allow you to get a beautiful manicure without the need to use a hybrid varnish.


The gel will be the best choice for brittle, thin or demanding nails. Comfortable work, quick preparation and healthy appearance of the plate provided by the gel guarantee customer satisfaction, as well as the convenience and speed of manicure. You can use it when working with a natural, bitten plate or for extensions.


The multidimensional formula of the product allows you to enjoy the delicate colors that mask the shortcomings of the natural tile, but also provides a beautiful impression of a delicate glow when you get to know it better! The hint of particles contained in the gel is not exaggerated, it shines with grace and without an intrusive image! Shimmering up close - uniform from afar! The gel is distinguished by the elegance and durability of genuine porcelain.


Remember to gently brush the whole thing with a polishing block after shaping the nails.


Why do you have to have it?


The gel does not stretch when you remove it from the container.

Rub the X-Bond base under the gel.

The gel is suitable for extending and building nails.

The gel harmonizes with the warmth of the hand, which facilitates quick leveling of the product.

Seemingly dense, perfectly leveling in practice.

It holds the tunnel and does not break, even with a thin skeleton.

It shortens the work time by up to 1/3 of the styling time.

The gel significantly speeds up the recovery time.

It has the perfect consistency and extreme properties for creating nail frames.

The gel itself is a color, so after working out the mass, we have a ready-made canvas for Nail Art and Babybommer decorations.

Sparkle Gel is the perfect product for any wedding styling.

3 subtle colors of the gel have been matched to different types of clients.



The tunnel can be tightened after 7-10 sec.

The gel is easy to saw and does not require long processing.

Dirty Pink-Laskovska-Builder gel for nails Porcelain Sparkle Gel MollyLac

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