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Dirty Pink Sticky EditionPorcelain Sparkle Gel Laskovska MollyLac Builder gel


Sparkle Gel Sticky Edition! Acrylic gel - a sister version of Porcelain Sparkle Gel with its color equivalents.


The innovative formula ensures comfort of work without fear of flooded cuticles - work as long as you need it. You will know the full spectrum of its amazing properties when you moisten the brush in Polygel Liquid and start shaping the mass. The product will be the best choice for brittle, thin or demanding nails.


Comfortable work, quick preparation and healthy appearance of the plate provided by the gel guarantee customer satisfaction, as well as convenience and speed of manicure.


You can use it when working with a natural, bitten plate or for extensions.


The multidimensional formula of the product allows you to enjoy the delicate colors that mask the shortcomings of the natural tile, but also provides a beautiful impression of a delicate glow when you get to know it better! The hint of particles contained in the gel is not exaggerated, it shines with grace and without an intrusive image! Shimmering up close - uniform from afar! The gel is distinguished by the elegance and durability of genuine porcelain.


Sparkle Sticky! Why do you have to have it?


The denser sister of the Porcelain Sparkle Gel line.

It comes in 3 beautiful colors.

Pull-off consistency.

We take it out of the package with a spatula or brush.

We work with a brush that is less flexible.

We can work in two methods (by tapping with a slightly soaked liquid brush or with a brush without liquid. In the second option, it is important not to tear the gel, but to dip the brush 1mm deep into the mass and without tearing off the gel as desired.

The gel is perfect for dual forms and brush work.

Perfect for the summer period, it stays in place longer.

Good consistency for construction french.

We recommend the use of Polygel Liquid, a liquid that facilitates the application of gels and acrylogels and shaping. Dedicated to very dense products that stick to the brush by their specification and need to be moistened so that the styling can be done.


Thanks to it, you can model, shape and create your dream nails for as long as it is needed without fear of flooding the cuticles! To see how easy it is to work with Polygel by MollyLac, moisten a brush with synthetic, natural or silicone bristles in PolyGel Liquid and see how easily the product will spread on your nails.


You can refine your styling until it reaches the perfect shape.


Liquid is an essential fluid for the Polygel system method and Paulina Laskowska's Sticky Edition Porcelain Sparkle Gel. Thanks to it, you can perfectly distribute the product on the entire nail. When the mass starts to stick to the brush, you just need to moisten it with liquid and you can continue to work on building the shape of the nail.


3 subtle colors of the gel have been selected for different types of clients:


Sparkle Light Nude A light shade of pink with a hint of beige

Sparkle Natural Pink a natural shade of pink - very universal in its simplicity!

Sparkle Dirty Pink is a dirty shade of pink, perfect for fans of darker colors

Dirty Pink Sticky Edition Porcelain Sparkle Gel Laskovska MollyLac Builder gel

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