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Disco Flashing Majestic Spider Gel MollyLac 3 g


Unique, reflective effect and perfect, fine lines! If you love the Flashing Lights collection by Mollylac, you will also fall in love with the gel for fancy decorations with the same high-shine effect.


Heavily pigmented, neon colors will illuminate your manicure thanks to the moon pollen that fills the Disco Spider Gel to the brim! Perfectly thin lines will wrap your nails like a spider's thread.


Disco Flashing - create and create unique, sparkling looks with the new Spider Geli series!




Pure red! A good mood is guaranteed if you are looking for the perfect product to improve your mood, you've come to the right place, energetic and girly, it will put a smile on your face. You will surely love it for its beautiful, highly reflective particles!


Perfectly straight lines? Artistic swirls? You can create even the most fanciful styling with this unique nail art gel. A flash of the flash will awaken their hidden glow in them and take you straight to the dance floor! Feel the disco rhythm and give your styling maximum shine!


You will enjoy fashionable, sparkling decorations with just a few strokes of the brush or the probe. Add a unique character to your styling.


It will be shiny and perfect!


Spider Gel is a product intended for decorations. Its rubber, stretchable formula will allow you to create original decorations in a few moments!


Thanks to the high density and 100% coverage power, it can be used to create expressive and extremely precise decorations of lines of any thickness. The product is perfect for both novice nail stylists and professionals!


Product advantages:


easy to apply

cures in a LED / UV lamp

perfect consistency

high durability - lasts up to 4 weeks

Available in 6 colors:








Directions for use:


Apply Spider Gel on hybrid varnishes, gel or acrylic.

Take a small amount of Spider Gel on a stick, probe or brush.

Run the nail in one continuous motion from one place to another.

Cure the decorations in the LED or UV / LED lamp for 60 seconds.

Apply a layer of the top for a unique shine, cure in a LED / UV lamp.

Rinse with a cotton swab soaked in a cleaner.

Capacity: 3 g

Disco Flashing Majestic Spider Gel MollyLac 3 g

SKU: 5903990512414
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