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Double-sided cuticle and nail chisel YC005 mirror silver


The best quality chisel, knurling knife for pushing away, lifting cuticles during manicure and pedicure, as well as removing residual impurities on the nail and also under it.

It has two different, unique endings necessary for the work of every stylist.


Bigger, funnel-shaped and rounded, it perfectly moves and lifts the cuticles, thanks to which your stylization will always be dazzling without unsightly, spilled varnish in unwanted places.


The other side - with a specially profiled, rounded, sharper tip allows you to easily get rid of the residual dust before applying the varnish, as well as the unwanted epidermis.


The contoured and notched structure of the handle ensures comfort and precision of work.


You can also use it to remove the epidermis on the plate, and also serve as a reliable tool for removing the hybrid mass.


Thanks to the precise finish on both sides, you will reduce the working time to a minimum, and the skins will be flawless.


You can use it with a cuticle remover, i.e. a preparation that softens the cuticles for even better results.


It is a product made of the best stainless steel. You can autoclave it.


If you value elegant yet classic design - choose this product and enjoy the pleasant work.




Chisel length: 14 cm


Tip dimensions:


1.length: 3cm width: 0.9cm

2.Length: 2.8cm width: 1cm


SKU: 5901099282894
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