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DUAL File-polisher 100/100 ABA GROUP 


For the sake of your safety and hygiene at work as a nail stylist, we offer a DUAL file / polisher with a 100/100 gradation, which was created to give shape and length to the nails as well as for finishing works with the gel and acrylic method and their matting.


Provide the highest level of security for yourself and your clients.


A double-sided file / polisher with a perfect shape that will make it easier for you to work on the nail plate during manicure or pedicure.


The contoured shape of the file allows you to reach hard-to-reach places, which speeds up the work.


The file uses the DUAL method, which has two sides with the same gradation. One uses a high-quality sponge that allows you to form and smooth the surface of the nail, the other uses paper with an aluminum oxide coating, perfect for filing the edges and giving length and shape. The product is durable and has exceptional abrasion power.


When to use a 100/100 file and what does it mean?


The file with a 100/100 grade is dedicated to stylists who want to shape and file their nails.


Perfect for the development of:


acrylic methods: acrylic and dipping system

the titanium method

gel method

File gradation - grain size, i.e. the number of particles distributed over 1 cm2 of the file. The smaller the grain, the sharper the file.


Below is a summary:


80 - very sharp files, ideal for the development of: acrylic, tips, titanium manicure, system dipping or hard UV / LED gels, this gradation is very often used for foot graters;


100 - these are sharp files ideal for the development of: acrylic, UV / LED gel, titanium manicure and tips supplements;


180 - is a medium-sharp file ideal for developing a UV / LED gel, titanium manicure, dipping system and shaping nails;


240 - a delicate file that is perfect for the natural nail plate;


320 - these are files / polishing blocks which, thanks to their delicacy, beautifully matt the nail plate and even out unevenness


over 500 are files called polishers, which beautifully even and shine the nail plate

DUAL File-polisher 100/100 ABA GROUP

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