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Dust-free multi-layer swabs made of cellulose wadding 1000 pcs (2x500 pcs) 8 layers


Professional 8-layer dust-free swabs are necessary when styling nails using the acrylic, hybrid or gel method.


When rinsing the plate, no dust remains on it. Intended for washing and degreasing nails, washing the gel mass as well as for removing varnish.


They are made of bleached cellulose wadding. They have a uniform structure, which results in softness and high absorbency. They have reinforced edges, thanks to which they do not dust. They break off very easily, making your work easier.




non-sterile dust-free cotton swabs on a roll

made of high-quality cellulose wadding

strong - consist of 8 layers

reinforced edges of the swabs by die-cutting

pillow-shaped form

good cohesiveness

perforation makes it easy to tear off the swabs

they are not dusty



skin disinfection before injections, infusions and minor surgical procedures

as an absorbent material for minor injuries

for various tasks in the laboratory

degreasing of the nail plate and skin before cosmetic procedures

useful in hospitals, private doctor's offices and beauty salons

Number of layers: 8


Dimensions of one cotton ball: 4 x 5 cm


In the package: 2 rolls of 500 swabs

Dust free pads 1000pcs ( 2x500pcs)

SKU: 8596222005531
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