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Polish Gel Kula Nails Elegant Dark Chocolate 7g


The warmth of the fireplace, a blanket, a glass of wine and you can relax. The combination of warm chocolate with a touch of roseberry chocolate created a beautiful Dark Chocolate color.


You can feel special, a beautiful strong female manicure is another plus for self-esteem!


I'm telling you try it! You are unique!


The perfect leveling consistency, thanks to which your manicure will be clean and pleasant.


Product advantages:


The precisely laser-cut brush will allow you to work perfectly, as close as possible to the cuticles.

The packaging has a visible real color with the name on the brush.

Color durability up to 4 weeks.

No unpleasant odors.

Free of harmful ingredients (formaldehyde/DBP/tuolene).

SOAK OFF type product, soluble in acetone-based liquids.

Perfect pigmentation will allow you to create a deep manicure.

Capacity: 7g

Elegant - Dark Chocolate - Kula Nails - Polish Gel 7g

SKU: 5903990524592
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