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Expert Strong Gel natural cover builder gel by Monika Mielniczuk MollyLac 


Expert Strong is a thick, non-leveling builder gel that strengthens your nails even with a thin layer!


The natural shade of the gel gives 100% matching to each plate and complexion.


The use of the latest technologies guarantees the highest quality and allows the product to be used when working with various techniques:


to strengthen natural nails, also problematic or flexible

for extensions, including avant-garde or extreme shapes

for the French manicure technique, both constructive and express french

for styling with dual forms

to repair the nail without the use of stencils

for natural / business looks

for express extension

for the natural babyboomer technique

for masterful styling

to the one drop technique


Expert Strong is the only such gel on the market! Created under the supervision and idea of ​​an outstanding expert in nail styling and educator Monika Mielniczuk.


Advantages and features of Expert Strong gel:


It is intended for beginners and advanced users.

Provides 90% coverage.

Camouflages discoloration and imperfections of the nail plate.

It is available in a duo version - it has its color counterpart in the leveling version (Expert Smart).

It has a subtle strawberry scent.

It does not react to the ambient temperature.

It does not run off the cuticles and does not flood them.

Depending on the thickness of the layer, it has the following properties: flexible with a thin layer and structural with the builder.

Resistant to stress and mechanical damage.

It is a polymer with a very high cross-linking, which guarantees its maximum strength.

It is also dedicated to extensions, including avant-garde and extreme shapes.

It has a universal, neutral color.

It will work in all French styles, including salon and masterpieces.

Perfect for working with dual forms (upper and lower).

It shows a very high surface tension.

It is dense, with a very good thixotropy.

It has very good adhesion, in the case of problematic nails, use the Extreme Base by Monika Mielniczuk.

Perfect for the One Drop technique - no skeleton required.

Cures in just 30 seconds. with a thin layer, with standard application 60 sec.

It does not get air during application.


15 benefits for you:


When removing from the container, the gel breaks, thanks to which the problem of gel migration on the thread disappears - no more dirty jar!

The delicate, non-irritating wild strawberry fragrance will certainly be the perfect solution for sensitive people.

It does not change its consistency even in heat (36 ° C), so you can work with it without worrying about flooded skins or running off the mold!

It has the features of a flexible and builder gel, thanks to which it can be easily adapted to any plate without fear that the product will rub off! It will protect flexible nails from bending and strengthen the structure of extended nails.

High cross-linking guarantees a strong, durable product, resistant to stress, eliminating the problem of cracking nails!

The natural shade is perfect for all skin types. For clients who like naturalness it is the best solution, it is enough to cover it with a top. This is time and money saved!

This product adapts to the tile and delicately emphasizes it, so starting in the Championship will not involve a dilemma about what cover to choose.

The gel will harden with a thicker layer without any problems, which makes it ideal for working with top forms. Doubts will disappear as to whether it should "harden for sure"?

It makes it possible to repair nails without the use of templates - the correction of the side asymmetry of the plate will be just a moment!

1You will save time by creating a skeleton on the form, even along its entire length, on all nails at once!

The gel "listens" to the brush and glides perfectly, it gives you maximum control and comfort of work without nerves and wasted time for correcting.

When creating long extreme shapes, there is no need to apply and harden in installments, everything can be done in one go!

The product is very soft for sawing, does not require wrestling with the file, the dust is fine and soft.

It facilitates the work of novice stylists and is the best product to learn, gives time to focus on building and symmetry of the nail. There is no need to stress that he will run away in a moment.

The gel can be taken out of the container exactly as much as you want to be, to the gram! You can forget about dragging threads like spider gel.

Expert Strong Gel natural cover builder gel by Monika Mielniczuk MollyLac

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