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Extreme Shape nail form templates by Aleksandra Sowa Falarz


The original Extreme Shape templates by Aleksandra Sowa-Falarz are templates that allow you to design artistic nails of extreme length. They were created for championship competitions such as POSTER or artistic photo sessions.


The quality of the materials used allows you to create a professional styling. Thanks to the appropriately selected paper thickness, we obtain a very stable structure to create perfectly straight side walls of the nail.


Strong glue will not allow the template to peel off while modeling the extreme shape.


The wide wings of the template and their length allow for the creation of extremely original shapes.


The designed mesh with the appropriate distribution of reference points allows you to create the same side walls of the nail.






the working length of the template from the hyponychium line is 13.5 cm

width at its widest point is 10 cm

the package contains 200 individual pieces

Extreme Shape nail form by Aleksandra Sowa Falarz

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