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Flash -Sparkling powder for nails


Time for a sparkling sequin symphony that will catch your eye! Play with the color and structure of the new pollen. The unique lighting effects that you are able to achieve will not let you forget about the mirror diamonds flickering with every hand movement!


Both an experienced stylist and a novice claw maniac will be able to handle its application! The sparkling effect will allow you to change your manicure into a luxurious glam manicure!


Move to a new dimension of nail styling, giving a soft and flirty look at the same time!


Explore the collection of 9 dazzling colors and choose your dream color.


Pollen is extremely easy to apply in two ways:


Just sprinkle it on a wet top and cure it in a led / uv lamp. Then we will achieve the frost effect.

The second method of application is rubbing smoothly into the dispersion layer of the base / color / top coat, then topping and hardening again. Then the surface of the nail will be smooth, and the pattern will resemble a thousand small sparkling particles.

Flash -Sparkling powder for nails

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