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Flashing Lights. It is with light that everything begins ... and ends with light! The collection of sophisticated colors from MollyLac hides two faces.


600. Mesmerizing fiery red that is not afraid to be one of the main stars of evening parties and clubs.


601. A beautiful, feminine shade of pink that surprises with the phosphorescent power of glitter particles, making the manicure a show of fireworks against the fairy-tale sky.


602. If you ever imagined galactic space - it must look exactly like this. Lost in Heaven is a color in which you will lose your senses, in which you will get lost… like in heaven.


603. Paradox is a gorgeous deep purple that has as much mysticism as it has alluring elegant charm.


604. It is a temptation full of graphite black, which, backlit by the flash, turns into a night sky full of good and auspicious stars.


605. A color full of passion and desire. A dark shade of bloody red that will surprise you with a change of shade when using a flash.


606. This is a surprising mix of bright raspberry and red full of love. When illuminated by a phone flashlight, it turns into energetic fuchsia.


607. A beautiful nut-nut color, which in strong light turns into a gentle nude shimmering with a million particles.


608. A sparkling temptation in the color of the setting sun, which surprises in the light of a phone's flash or flashlight with a very energetic shade of orange.

Flashing Lights Duo Molly Lac 5ml

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