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Galaxy Flakes 0.1 g - iridescent

Semi-transparent, iridescent petals for decorations in several unique colors! The only, unique effect that we can use in many ways. The effect can be used on any method of nail styling, including traditional nail polish! You should only remember to cover the whole with a dedicated top, it can be a Diamond Top for a classic manicure or Doctor Top for a gel, hybrid or acrylic gel manicure.


Ultra-thin petals that will allow you to stand out from the crowd with a sparkling mix of iridescent particles. They can be rubbed into the entire plate or just part of it, creating a multi-dimensional sparkling effect.


Countless textures and patterns that can be created on your hands like a magic wand.


Directions for use:


Apply Top No Wipe (without a dispersion layer, eg Mirror Top) to a previously applied and hardened hybrid varnish (preferably light, pastel for an iridescent effect - a stronger effect and more distinct accents can be obtained on dark colors) and harden.

Then, gently rub the petals together with the puppet or irregularly.

Gently remove excess product with a dust brush.

For a long-lasting effect, the styling should be covered with a top coat without a dispersion layer and the free edge of the nail should be carefully protected.

Top tip! The petals can be mixed with each other. They combine perfectly with each other, thanks to which we can create unbelievably shimmering styles!

Capacity: net weight of pollen approx. 0.1 g, pollen packed in a 3 ml jar

Galaxy Flakes 0.1 g - iridescent

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