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Glazing effect - An avant-garde note of luxury within your reach!


An exceptionally spectacular glow effect that will give a new dimension to any manicure. The glitter finish will add an extraordinary chic to the company and make you feel like on the red carpet!


The unusual dust, shimmering with a million shining particles, will be the perfect finishing touch to your evening styling. Each of the three unique colors will perfectly match any color of the outfit.


The unique colors of gold, pink and silver will enrich the autumn and carnival collection of unusual pollen for nail art. Thanks to the wide range of applications, it can be used in two ways - sprinkled as a satin effect of a frosted nail and smoothly rubbed into the varnish or top dispersion! choose your application method and enjoy the EXTREME shine of your styling. stunning manicure? It's very easy now!


Which of them will become your favorite?


1. SILVER - Unparalleled, perfectly silvery dust for the most ornate and shiny finish of your styling. Total dizziness!


2. GOLD - The imperial shade of gold for women who value classics.


3. CHAMPAGNE - Elegance and class enchanted in an unusual champagne shade of non-obvious gold. Get ready for a bit of madness and a unique, strong shine!


4. ROSE - The original color of delicate pink, thanks to which your manicure will be bathed in shimmering particles.

Glazing Effect 2,5g

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