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GlowOn nail powder



The most beautiful effect of all time! The unearthly effect that you can achieve in just a few moments will surprise everyone, especially you! Extremely shiny, however, does not outshine your color on the nails! Fine dust with a glow in the color of your choice! Styling in such an edition will definitely allow you to create an unearthly manicure. A mirror sheet or a stronger effect! Choose how much you want to shine! If you apply pollen on a top with dispersion or hybrid varnish, you will get a more covering structure, resembling a symphony of iridescent particles! If you want to finish your manicure in a subtle way, apply the powder to light / pastel shades - the effect will be stronger on darker colors! The undoubted advantage of GlowOn is the incredible ease of application. It is enough to rub the pollen on the top without a dispersion layer, e.g. mirror top, to obtain an electrifying glow.


By applying without a base color, you will get the effect of glass, transparent nails only with the glow of GlowOn - by applying a shade similar to the color of the pollen, you will get an extremely impressive color that complements each other.


A spectacular result - GlowOn is best applied with a glove, because then our surface will be the smoothest and the particles will be kept to an absolute minimum. You can also rub the pollen with a special applicator - a silicone brush or a hand puppet. Just a few moves and a beautiful end result with a mirror look is guaranteed! Remember to use a soft brush to remove any residue before applying your topcoat.


Capacity: net weight of pollen approx. 0.3 g, pollen packed in a 3ml jar


Directions for use:


Perform any hybrid, acrylic gel, acrylic gel, etc. styling.

After hardening the top without dispersion or with dispersion in the lamp, if you expect a stronger pearl finish (Doctor Top MollyLac or Mirror Top MollyLac dedicated to pollen), gently rub the dust with a silicon hand puppet / brush or sponge for a few seconds.

Remove excess with a soft brush or brush, eg Rybka Chubby.

Cover the nail with the selected nail polish again, remembering to carefully protect the free edge of the nail.

Cure the whole thing in the lamp. Ready!

GlowOn Nail Powder

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