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Here they are - a range of unique no-wash tops with a stone effect in your favorite color. Unique, irregular particles, which are in the top, will allow you to change an ordinary manicure into an interesting composition, which you will not pass by indifferently!


Unique variety of styling and unique effect, regardless of the color to which you apply the top. A simple way to change your manicure in a unique way, also at home and on a colored base, exactly the way you like it.


Timeless and extraordinary! Yes, that's what Jack Top MollyLac is all about.


How to use: apply the medium layer with a certain movement and spread it over the entire surface, remembering to protect the free edge as in the case of a standard top, cure at least 60 seconds in a LED / dual LED lamp. After removing from the lamp, it is recommended to wait 20-30 seconds before touching or applying the olive.


Curing: LED lamp min. 48W - 1min. 36W UV lamp - 2min.


Attention! Do you prefer a matte finish enriched with flickering particles on your favorite color? All you need to do is gently matt the top with a high-gradation polisher or use a matte top, e.g. Satin Top MollyLac.


Have you been waiting for a universal product that will turn your manicure into a work of art like a magic wand? Use Jack Top MollyLac!

Jack Effect- Top Coat

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