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Jelly Euphoria

Color: Opaque, cover nude

Consistency: jelly

Cured in Led, UV / LED Lamp

Suitable for: extension, reinforcement

Single phase

Complementary products: primer


A very strong and dense cover gel, masking, building with acrylic strength and the consistency of a mousse. Perfect for building all 5 nails at once - it levels itself so it does not run over the cuticles. No more air pockets and no breakage of nails. Working with this gel requires experience because we work with it 'in the air' with a large ball of the gel - only spreading the gel and not 'painting' thin layers. Perfect for working on the form and tips. Covering tile imperfections up to 90%.

Curing time:

48w LED / UV lamp - 90 seconds

48w Led lamp - 45 seconds

Jelly Gel - Euphoria (11)

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