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Liquid Gold MollyLac 2in1 color and  top liquid gold 10 g


Become a symbol of a strong and independent woman! Let yourself be charmed by the extreme shine in an innovative version! Liquid gold is a product that hasn't been around yet. It contains reflective platinum particles, which, like our best-selling MollyLac Flashing Lights collection, reflect light, additionally refracting the angle of its incidence thanks to the addition of sparkling flakes of various thickness and texture. Use the way you like!


This is a unique combination of a spectacular effect and a top without washing! You can use it as an addition to your favorite hybrid color or as a standalone product.


Turn your manicure into a real work of art!


Strong, golden particles of irregular shape mixed with fine golden dust which, when exposed to light, release a stunning glow. With every movement of your hand, depending on the intensity of the light, your manicure will change like a chameleon.


Glitz styling is now at your fingertips.


A unique variety of styling, regardless of the base color. You decide what effect you want to get. One thing is for sure - in artificial light, your manicure will almost dazzle with its shine. Liquid gold closed in an elegant bottle does not require any additional use of a top!


Attention! Before application, mix the product well!


Directions for use:


We prepare the nail plate, matting it and removing the epithelium and cuticles.

Degrease the nail with a cleaner, then apply a thin layer of the hybrid base.

We apply one or two thin layers of your favorite hybrid color and / or after curing, proceed to the application of liquid gold / silver (curing each layer for 30 seconds in a LED lamp at least 48w).


Liquid Gold does not require a top coat and you can use it as a replacement!

Capacity: 10 g

Liquid Gold MollyLac 2in1 color and  top liquid gold 10 g

SKU: 5903990511806
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