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New liquid



non yellowing formula

Specially created for the needs of nail stylists looking for a universal liquid for all acrylic powders available on the market. By buying our liquid for acrylic mass today, you can reduce your expenses by working on the existing branded acrylic powders that you have.

It is characterized by a maximally reduced intensity of the fragrance.

Increases the usability of acrylic nails. It makes the acrylic mass flexible and durable.

Artificial nails will not turn yellow or crack.

Perfect for all stylists with more or less professional experience. Working with this product, you can freely model the acrylic mass, e.g. create a beautiful smile line with French or make beautiful acrylic flowers.

An important issue for working with this liquid is the fact that it does not crystallize the acrylic mass.

People who have encountered this problem know very well how easy it is to spoil the most beautiful claws as a result of crystallization.

Free from MMA (Methyl Methacrylate). It puts it in the top shelf of liquid monomers.

 The color of the preparation is light purple.

Due to all the advantages it has, we place this product as a model.

The Allepaznokcie company recommends this product.

Liquid Premium- reduced odor

£6.90 Regular Price
£5.87Sale Price
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