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Lucid Punch Nail Powder

Lucid Punch is an absolute hit among holiday nail decorations that guarantee a unique light experience with every hand movement! It shines beautifully, has beautiful neon shades and can be both an extravagant decoration and a whole outfit.


Lucid Punch glitters uniquely change the iridescent color depending on the angle of the light. They shine especially strongly in artificial and UV light. Change the type of effect and texture depending on the amount of the product used, as well as the level of neon light breakout from the base color.


Lucid Punch is the highest quality pollen, they do not discolor during use, they look tasteful on the nails at every occasion.


An absolute hit in nail decoration. The amazing effect is very easy to achieve and the result is stunning.


It can be used in two ways:


Rubbed "smooth" and secured with a top

As a frost effect: sprinkled on the uncured top and then hardened.

Lucid Punch Nail Powder

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