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LUXURY GLAM -Molly Lac 5ml

Color: 540 - 548


Flickering cascades of radiant particles, beautiful colors and the iridescent glow of moon dust - all this and more, we have closed in our latest Luxury Glam collection from Mollylac. This is not just a 'glitter collection! Its power is hidden in a secret recipe and the selection of the appropriate fine foil, which not only perfectly reflects light, but also allows for ultra-thin layers of hybrid varnish with maximum coverage!


The original chic and unique character of silvery-colored particles will make you stand out from the crowd. One thing is for sure - you yourself will not be able to take your eyes off them even for a moment. Bet on unique glam and set off with us on a journey into the unknown with the most fashionable trends of each season. The timeless charm of these colors will accompany you every season!


LUXURY GLAM - Molly Lac 5ml - 540_548

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