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9 pastel shades of hybrid polish from MollyLac combined with the most effective pollen! This is a fabulous Mermaid Whispers collection. Millions of sparkling particles that will envelop your nails like whispers and give them a truly fairy-tale look!


Wonderful, spectacular illumination caused by the play of light! The combination of a pearl glass with sparkling particles of irregular shapes and a pastel color will allow you to keep summer longer! This sparkle will not distract your eyes from your styling.


Create a crystal plate on your hands with the new Mermaid Whispers collection.


This amazing, carefully selected collection was created for ladies who love a spectacular effect and want to keep it as long as possible! No more pollen on the tip of the nail!


Thanks to the perfect mixture of pollen and varnish, we have created a formula that will delight even the most demanding connoisseur of hybrid varnishes.


Shorten your work time, extend its effect!

Mermaid Whispers Molly Lac 5ml

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