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Are you looking for quick and effective decorations, but you do not like to struggle with intricate decorations?


Bet on two-color, metallic petals for decorations. Ultra thin, perfectly adhere to the nail, creating your dream work of art.


Interesting combinations of interpenetrating colors will provide you with a unique effect in just a few moments, even if you have no experience in nail styling. You don't need to use any undercoat anymore - if you don't want to, of course! Fall in love with the modern edition of your manicure.


Two-color, non-obvious combinations are a choice for the undecided! You don't have to choose between your favorite colors anymore. A uniform sheet in a multicolored version. Manicure doesn't have to be boring.


They can be used in a variety of ways!


If you expect your stylization to change into a uniform surface in selected colors - to a base base previously hardened in a lamp (it can be transparent - with or without dispersion! Remember that in both cases the effect will be different! Top 3d Expert MollyLac, and more mirror-like in the case of a top without dispersion, e.g. mirror top MollyLac), put a small amount of petals in such a way that they cover the entire surface - you can do it with a soft brush, a specially dedicated silicone brush or a swab. / with your finger, remove the rest with a soft brush and cover the whole with Top, eg Doctor Top and harden the whole. Ready! It's very simple, isn't it?


The second way - if you want to get only irregular shapes of scattered particles in a metallic color - just use your favorite polish gel and top coat without dispersion or with dispersion (each of them will provide a different effect! Dispersion - a slightly stronger 3D effect, without dispersion - softer than foil ), apply a little flakes, then cover the whole thing with a top coat again and harden. Ready.


One thing is for sure, no one will pass by your manicure indifferently!

Metropolis Flakes

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