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Mild Rose -One Drop Tixology - Builder gel with thixotropy MollyLac


One Drop Tixology - innovative three-phase self-leveling gel for nail styling with liquid memory.


The product is available in four colors:


beautiful bore

cool pink

the most fashionable milk white recently

floating, crystal clear

Ice glass: the typical crystal clear color of the gel.


Gels the perfect solution- One drop will be for both the skeleton and the structure, as well as for curing naturalness. The Innovative Pigment used in the gel provides styling without sadness. Colors of the type: Silky White, Rose, Hot Latte cover with the title approx. 90%.


The latest product generation ensures! Thanks to the "fluid memory" technology, the so-called Thixotropy allows 100% application in the application to lead the way in the kind you want. One Drop Gel does not run off the surface of the plates and does not flood the cuticles, while being a self-leveling instructor.


For the best choice for styling, the type of gel without sawing, which can be used for the work of my portion of the gel, shaping the selected final shape. Remarkable economy and maximization of working time.


Tixology is a three-phase co-financer that must have a base for its perfect work that applies - we recommend the X-Bond MollyLac Base.


Perfect colors of the gel - matching the use of a complexion with a unique solution for people who like fancy decorations, but also for clients who like natural look. Just top and it's ready - subtle styling is ready.


Gel not in the lamp - there is one advantage to it!


Curing time in a 48W dual Led lamp:


Skeleton: 60 sec.

Building layer w depends on the amount of product used: 120-180 sec.



innovative formula "fluid memory"

on the market?

self-leveling - has an average leveling rate

camouflage discoloration (Mild Rose, Hot Latte and Silky White colors)

uniform color thanks to which we owe the pigment - it does not leave smudge

extensions for length extensions and for hardening the natural plate

very good adhesion

does not bake in the lamp

Comfortable work without rush and work on flooded skins

very soft in filing

perfectly shaped and tunnel



Mild Rose -One Drop Tixology - Builder gel with thixotropy MollyLac

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