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Mini file for pedicure Half moon 100/180slim Aba Group Safe Package Eco


For the sake of your safety and hygiene at work of a nail stylist, we offer a mini file Slim crescent, 100/180 grit, 2 mm thick, which was designed to develop a natural nail plate. The file is packed in a SAFE PACKAGE, which gives your client 100% confidence that it has not been used before.


Provide the highest level of security for yourself and your clients.


Double-sided mini file with a perfect crescent shape that will help you work on the nail plate during pedicure.


The contoured shape of the file allows you to reach hard-to-reach places, which speeds up the work.


Thanks to the use of innovative technology, the paper with an aluminum oxide coating used in the file makes the product durable and has exceptional abrasion power.

Mini file for pedicure Half moon 100/180 slim Aba Group Safe Package Eco

SKU: 5907640577501
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