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Mini half moon buffer 100/180  1pc

The perfect MINI version of our buffer to prepare and smooth the surface of nails. It is perfect for matting the natural nail plate as well as for smoothing out any unevenness resulting from the application of gel or acrylic mass. The MINI buffer will work especially in office work with a single use. A more convenient and precise alternative to the buffering block. Available in two grades: 100/180 and 180/240.

This baby won the hearts of professional stylists all over Poland. Check how this product will work in your hands!

Advantages of the polisher:

* Very precise

* Perfect for preparing the nail plate for a hybrid

* You will mat your nails quickly

* Innovative and ergonomic shape

* Made of the highest quality materials

Mini half moon buffer 100/180  1pc Aba group

SKU: 5907541177794
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