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Jewelry for nail art - random MIX


Unique nail jewelry that will take your styling to a higher LEVEL.


Add elegance and character to your stylizations.


Choose a unique jar with designer nail jewelry, in which various structures, forms and patterns in the selected shade are closed.


Jewelry is extremely durable and resistant to physical, mechanical and atmospheric damage.


Use in many ways:


Method 1:


We make a traditional hybrid manicure, then put the jewelery on the wet top and harden it in the lamp.


Then, for better maintenance, we wrap the top with a delicate thread around the jewelry, thanks to which it will stick more.


Method 2:


When making a gel manicure, embed the decoration in the last layer of gel and also surround it with a gel thread.


Method 3:


After making a hybrid or gel manicure, glue the decoration on the tips.


The contents of the jar are selected randomly.

Mix Silver color no 3

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