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Mystique Effect nail powder 0.3 g


Are you looking for a very natural, yet spectacular effect that will change your manicure in just 5 seconds? You already found him! This is Mystique Effect AlleLac, available in five most fashionable shades to match different foundation colors.


Mystique is a dust that creates a delicately satin, light surface on the nails. Depending on the base color or your personal preferences, you can choose from five shades - pink, purple, gold, pastel malachite and baby blue.


The pollen has a delicate coverage of 20%, so it will not take the whole show from the shade to which it is applied. It looks great on both pastel and light colors as well as black, causing it to shine with a satin laser brushed surface in one of the most fashionable colors.


Directions for use:


Apply a hybrid top without dispersion and harden it for 30 seconds.

Rub the pollen into the still heated top after taking it out of the lamp with a hand puppet, a silicone brush or a fingertip.

Secure the rubbed dust by applying the top again and harden the nail in the lamp.

Capacity: net weight of pollen 0.3 g, pollen packed in a 3 ml jar

Mystique Effect nail powder 0.3 g

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