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Nail decoration BULION Lux No. 5


An exclusive nail decoration. Tiny glass pearls in a golden color are the perfect way to give a jewelery and stylish manicure look! Add sophisticated shine to your stylizations with high-quality decorations such as Broth Lux. The product is perfect in combination with MollyLac hybrid varnishes and Allepress gels!


Why should you choose Lux Bulin?


shiny beads, pearls, caviar will add shine and uniqueness to the styling

easy application with probe, zircon pencil or brush

product compatible with hybrid varnishes and gels from well-known companies

the product does not discolor

Directions for use:


Apply any base on the prepared nail plate and harden it in the lamp.

Apply the selected color of hybrid varnish and harden it in the lamp.

For color depth, repeat this step.

Put on any top and before curing it, apply Lux Broth, then harden in the lamp.

Size: 1 mm


Packaging: 4 g


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