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Nail file babana - 180/240 MollyLac 1pc


A disposable, universal file for natural and extended nails, with extremely durable components and a long service life. It is characterized by a hard, highly fracture and deformation-resistant center. The product glides smoothly on the sawn surface, neither injuring the skin nor causing discomfort. High-quality embankment is resistant to abrasion.


A professional file for professionals who value the highest quality and take care of every detail. Two gradations in one file are a functional answer to the expectations of nail styling salons.


What is gradation?


This is the amount of grains sprinkled on the surface of the paper file per 1 cm square. What does this mean in practice? The higher the number / gradation, the more delicate the file will be.


A stronger grit will quickly and effectively get rid of e.g. remains of the hybrid and gel mass and will prepare the nails for further treatments, the more delicate side will be useful for developing the natural nail plate, matting and giving the appropriate final shape.


The file is recommended for all manicure and pedicure treatments, in which you need precise and safe nail preparation.


A file with a 100/180 gradation, called the CLASSIC file, is the most frequently chosen one. It is used to develop a built-up / extended nail, for shortening and shaping.

A file with a gradation of 180/240, i.e. a fine-grained file, is usually used in classic and hybrid manicure, where we have greater contact with the natural nail plate.

Nail files mainly differ in shape. Each of them can have a different level of sharpness, but the shape depends on the individual preferences of the stylist.


Straight shape - is the most universal file shape. You can use it at any stage of styling and do almost anything with it! It is most often used to shape and shorten both natural and extended nails.

Rounded banana - a file of this shape is ideal, for example, for precise work on cuticles, which has a huge impact on the accuracy and speed of styling. The comfortable shape will allow you to reach hard-to-reach places of the periungual shafts.

Crescent moon - they have one straight side and the other rounded one, so they are multifunctional and are most often used by stylists in their salons.

Nail file babana - 180/240 MollyLac 1pc

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