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Preparation reducing air in nails for gel, acrylic, acrylic gel - Nail Fix by Monika Mielniczuk MollyLac 10 ml


A product designed to speed up and facilitate the work of stylists and nail stylists, recommended by the outstanding instructor and creator of extraordinary nails Monika Mielniczuk.




It works perfectly during airing, leveling their limits and helps the new mass to blend perfectly with the previous layer.

When working with tips, it speeds up the filing of the tips pocket.

Perfectly protects the free edge of the nail when working with pollen.

It acts as an adhesive and protects the decorated nails from chipping off the top!

Perfectly smooths the unevenness formed after filing with a file.

Capacity: 10 ml

Nail Fix by Monika Mielniczuk MollyLac 10 ml

SKU: 5903990505867
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