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Ladybug Forms Molly Lac 500pcs


Precise molds with an interesting shape of a ladybug for nail extension with an auxiliary square / ballerina mesh. Large wings guarantee very good form keeping in place. The exceptional quality paper from which the stencils were made is much more flexible than its previous, cheaper versions and the strong glue will not allow the forms to stick together and migrate during work or curing in the lamp.

The red auxiliary lines will significantly facilitate the cutting of forms at the problematic nail plate of the client (e.g. with an overgrown hyponychium).

The auxiliary lines and scale (from 1 to 9) are placed close to each other, thanks to which adjusting the length of the nail will be much more precise. Extend your nails with pure pleasure!


Extension templates are an indispensable product in the work of every respected stylist. Bet on the best quality at a great price that Molly Lac gives you! There are as many as 7 types of forms to choose from! Choose the ones that suit your requirements! From basic to very extensive, thanks to which you can create a salon extension and an avant-garde shape, as well as repair a cracked or broken nail and give a new look to a fragile and brittle plate. The templates have been prepared in such a way as to perfectly match each tile - even the problematic one, and to reduce the time of your work to a minimum. The templates allow you to work with any method - thanks to them you can extend the nails with a specially dedicated builder hybrid (eg Molly Lac SOS Antidotum), gel, acrylic or acrylgel!

Each type of our molds perfectly adheres to the nail, thanks to which you will get rid of the problem of 'watering' the gel under the nail, which often leads to cracks. Perfectly matched, strong glue prevents sticking, but does not cause irritation, so it can be used even for very sensitive hands. The perfect technique for placing the form, as well as a well-matched template, will together guarantee the durability of the styling!

The aesthetic and interesting design of the templates will please not only your eye, but also your clients!

Nail Forms Ladybug Molly Lac 500Pcs

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