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Nude Love by Gosia Krus  Building gel for nails with teaoil HerbaLine MollyLac


Innovative, self-leveling builder gel for nail styling with unique composition and properties, created by Master Edukator MollyLac Małgorzata Kruś. Thanks to the content of tea oil, it will successfully guarantee perfect adhesion and ensure that your nails will not be attacked by 'green bacteria'.


It is a revolutionary gel that combines excellent visual and technological qualities that cannot be found in similar products. Color coverage of approx. 60-70% gives full control over the condition of the nail. Delicate and feminine colors are a must have in your styling salon. Natural colors will appeal to most customers - they do not require painting, which can significantly speed up the work time.


Available in 3 colors for fans of natural beige, delicate pink and sparkles!


Sugar Pink is a whitened shade of cool pink. Perfect for girly and flirty saute outfits!

Shiny Flakes is the perfect choice for women who like glitter stylizations! Its flirtatious color of beige pink and gold pink glitter creates a perfect combination that does not require additional decorations

Nude Love is a typical bore which is impossible to pass by indifferently. Will you be tempted by this timeless color?

Master educator MollyLac Gosia Kruś created a line of gel that stylists dreamed of. She used the unusual properties of tea oil and the antiseptic properties of lactic acid to fulfill her dreams of the perfect gel!


What are the beneficial properties of tea oil? It is an excellent solution after onycholysis - it prevents its recurrence and also in case of fear of onycholysis.


Lactic acid, on the other hand, prevents water loss from the nail plate, leaving it in perfect condition, even after repeated nail styling. It also has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, which will be beneficial for a demanding nail plate that needs rest or regeneration.


Discover the benefits of Herbaline gel:


nourishes and regenerates

dense, self-leveling consistency

innovative formula with a unique composition

beautiful colors with 60-70% coverage

recommended for problematic nails in need of strong regeneration and care

ideal for extensions and superstructures

perfect for clamping - it does not expand

guarantees permanent styling without fear of mechanical injuries

allows for comfortable work at every stage of advancement - from beginners to advanced

perfectly compatible with the xbond base as a pre-gel moisturizer

burning sensation reduced to a minimum! Perfect for sensitive clients

Curing time: 30-60 sec 48W uv / led lamp


Crimping possible after 10-15 seconds depending on the thickness of the layer


Available in 3 sizes: 5 g, 15, 50 g

Nude Love by Gosia Krus Building gel for nails with teaoil HerbaLine MollyLac

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