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Oval MollyLac Pro Gel Rainbow brush size 4 No.2

A unique brush made of the highest quality nylon bristles, intended for use in the gel technique. Perfect for extending and building on the form and tips as well as on the natural nail plate.


Thanks to the excellent elasticity of the bristles, it facilitates work, and its shape ensures perfect and even distribution of the gel, even in very close proximity to the cuticles.


The perfectly shaped handle ensures comfort of work.


The unique handle design unparalleled anywhere else will give you a fantastic visual experience. The rainbow color will attract every look, and the sparkling glitter is a guarantee of shine every time you use the brush.


Create the perfect ombre and delight with intricate stylizations.


How to choose the perfect bristle size to work on the construction?


The size of the brush is a very individual matter.


Choose a size 6 brush if you are not a beginner and are comfortable with the gel technique.

Size 4 and 2 will work for less advanced people or when you need to work more precisely, e.g. with skins.

Bristles: nylon, very good quality


Bristle length: 7 mm


Size: 4


The brush is packed in a protective transparent case.

Oval MollyLac Pro Gel Rainbow brush size 4 No.2

SKU: 5903990500558
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