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Pearly top with the effect of champagne marble MollyLac Hema / di-Hema free 10g


Do you love manicure experiments? Are you looking for a beautiful, noble and champagne effect? Check out the tops from the Pearly MollyLac series. It is a collection of 9 different shades that have one thing in common - all of them create a rich effect of a slightly shiny, pearly quartz stone effect on the nails.


The tops from the Pearly series will not only be perfect for wedding styling, but will also be a great complement to a gel styling. Thanks to the possibility of creating various patterns on their surface, they will change the nails into champagne marble, quartz stone or glam styling with a metallic effect.


The tops show a perfect tendency to level, so regardless of the technique you use them - the end result will be smooth glass pane with a perfect line of light running centrally through the center of the nail.


It minimizes the possibility of allergy thanks to the HEMA free formula.


The collection includes products based on:


a nude milky foundation

milky pink foundation

milky white

Each of the colors has been enriched with the effect of discreetly shimmering silver, gold or pink.


Features of the tops from the Pearly series:


9 unique effects

coverage at the level of about 60%

for "total manicure" or for individual nails

perfect for wedding styling

perfectly leveling

to create a variety of patterns

Directions for use:


On previously painted nails (or nails built with gel), apply the top with classic brush strokes as in the case of a standard top.

Use a fine-bristled nail art brush to create patterns on the top surface. You can choose any technique for you and see what effects you will achieve (e.g. by making small circular patterns next to each other you will achieve the marble effect).

Before placing your hand in the lamp, you can turn it with the back down for 5 seconds to make sure that the product is perfectly level.

Cure the nails (depending on the thickness of the top layer and the lamp model) for 30-60 seconds.

Pearly top with the effect of champagne marble MollyLac Hema / di-Hema free 10g

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