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Pedicure Cap 13 mm  Lux Allemed 10 Pcs


Are you looking for an abrasive product of the best quality and reliable in every situation? You've come to the right place! Precise, with a long service life and, above all, low pressure!


The best quality abrasive caps for a pedicure with the ability to self-clean is a product you've been waiting for for a long time! Possibility of wet and dry work during manicure, podiatry and pedicure treatments.


A multifunctional product with the highest quality components, it will not let you down even when working with a very heavy surface.




Due to their shape and size, they are ideal for removing keratinized epidermis and working out the sole of the foot. Softer gradations (from 180) can also be used to smooth the skin.

The exceptional quality will ensure the comfort of work and durability of the overlay, thanks to which it will serve for much longer than the replacements without blunting, wiping the grains and without clogging.

The work goes much more efficiently and the skin after the treatment will be smooth. There is no epidermis deposited on the overlay, which could result in the deposition of residues and reduce the effectiveness of the treatment.

Beautiful, colorful design is also an additional wow effect and a guarantee that the client will appreciate following the news in the beauty industry! Now an ordinary product can have an unusual appearance!

Remember: Small sizes and high gradations of caps (including rounded caps) can also be used for manicure treatments.


Size: 13 mm


Package quantity: 10 pcs

Pedicure Cap 13 mm  Lux Allemed 10 Pcs

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