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Extremely durable, innovative self-leveling building gel in the most fashionable color of milky, semi-transparent white. It is not only an ideal gel for demanding customers, thanks to which you can create your own stylization with a nude milk effect, but also a great alternative for people with nail plate defects. Thanks to the effect of natural camouflage, it will perfectly hide defects of the tile, such as a short bearing or unevenness.


Working with Perfect French Casual White gel is a definite time saver for nail stylists for two reasons:


- it is enough to cover the styling with a top coat to make the natural effect of milk nails delight with "cleanliness and elegance",


- the gel is single-phase, which means that you do not need to apply (and harden) a hybrid base or base gel under it.


Directions for use:


1. Matt the natural nail plate with a buffer or a 240 file.


2. Degrease the nail plate with Cleaner


3. Apply an acid primer (if necessary - problematic plate), and then acid-free


4. Apply a skeleton layer and cure in a lamp, eg UV / LED 48W 60 seconds. Clamp the tunnel on the skeleton layer after about 10 seconds.


5. Build the nail, then harden for 60 seconds.


6. Cover the stylization with a polish gel or gel top coat.


Gel parameters:


Color: milky, approximately 70% coverage


Consistency: self-leveling


Cured in a UV / LED and UV lamp


Suitable for: extension, reinforcement




Curing time:


48w LED / CCFL lamp - 60 seconds


36w UV lamp - 2 minutes


48w UV / Led lamp - 60 seconds

Perfect French Casual White (15) self-leveling

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