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Disc pod for pedicure Pododisk set spindle disc + pads replaceable 


The set includes overlays:


gradation 80 - 20 pcs.

gradation 150 - 20 pcs.

240 gradation - 10 pcs.

Indispensable help with the pedicure treatment!


Pododysk is a professional and innovative product that will facilitate your pedicure treatment in a quick and easy way. All you need is a milling machine with a universal cutter entry. Small dimensions and light design, as well as hygiene and the speed of changing the abrasive pad will allow you to precisely and quickly prepare the feet during the pedicure treatment.


The method of removing the skin with a milling machine has been known for a long time. It is extremely comfortable, and everything is done effortlessly. A compact device that you will love. Perfect for mobile beauticians and stationary, as well as for home use. The ease of changing the abrasive disc is a definite advantage - it only takes a moment and you can change the cap, and thus change the gradation as needed depending on your needs and the type of problem you are currently struggling with.


Well-groomed feet are not only beautifully painted nails, but most of all, well-groomed skin of the feet. Quick, convenient and extremely effective - only with the Pododisk and its interchangeable earpieces!


Podo discs / pins with interchangeable padded plates are an extraordinary innovation and a tribute to pedicurists who follow the novelties in the podiatry industry. Using a milling machine requires a bit of practice, but if you master this skill, you will not want to return to the traditional methods of removing the skin during pedicure!


The spindle is made of high-quality steel, which we successfully disinfect and sterilize.


There are 4 sizes of the plate:


S- diameter: 15 mm

M- diameter: 20 mm

L- diameter: 25 mm

XL- diameter: 35 mm

Performing a pedicure has never been so easy!


The perfectly selected plate thickness reduces the pressure on the worked area, and does not cause excessive overheating.

Simple, intuitive use.

The speed of changing the overlay.

4 disc sizes and 3 gradations to choose from.

Strong glue on the overlay - guarantee of success!

Long service life of the spindle and replaceable caps.

Quick and convenient processing of the feet surface.

Hygiene and safety! Can be successfully autoclaved.

Pododisk set - Disc pod for pedicure

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