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Podology diamond nail bit - Sharp L10X




Very high quality podology nail bitr with high sharpness diamond coating. The product is made of the best components and is intended for pedicure treatments. Coarse grain and working part diameter tapers from 8mm to 4mm at the apex. It is perfect for removing very strong calluses and working with hard, calloused epidermis. The nail bit is equipped with a system of cross grooves, thanks to which it does not stop during work, does not keep dirt and guarantees comfortable work.


It is made of the highest quality stainless steel with a very long service life and the highest quality diamond grit with high sharpness.


It can be safely disinfected and autoclaved.




Technical Specifications:


working part length: 20 mm

roller diameter: from 4mm to 8mm mm

spindle diameter: standard 3/32 "

maximum cutting speed: 12,000 rpm


SKU: 5903775358695
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